Cafeteria waste

While recently in Munson hospital for a procedure I visited the cafeteria for a noontime snack. As with all other aspects of Munson, the cafeteria was “top notch.” The cafeteria offers a good selection of healthy food items as well as a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for dining.

However, I am concerned with the use of plastic and particularly the use of Styrofoam in the form of plates, utensils and cups. Based on my observations, it would be difficult to estimate the amount of waste (non-recyclable) generated daily from the cafeteria. It has to be enormous.

As our nation and world struggle with the impact of waste on our environment, this concerns me. It would be great to see compostables and biodegradable packaging available. I would hope that Munson would use this issue as another opportunity to assume a leadership role in the Grand Traverse region. I believe it is an issue that needs to be discussed and reviewed by the leadership. This consideration is appreciated by me, my children and grandchildren.

Bill Myers

Suttons Bay

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