Construction help

On behalf of Long Lake Church, the family and attendees, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Elmer’s Church Road construction crew and the Grand Traverse Road Commission and staff for their invaluable assistance in facilitating a large funeral at our church on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Your willingness to make the necessary changes so as not to interfere with the services, to provide access to the church, as well as parking and the cemetery all allowed for the services to be held in a respectful and honorable fashion.

These adjustments were all accomplished with a simple telephone call and clearly exceeded what the church expected based on the construction situation.

The professional and understanding way in which these various issues were resolved left a very positive impression. We sincerely appreciate the compassion and effort that was put forth. Thank you again.

Lou Murray

Traverse City

Green concerns

Recently my husband Don and I stopped at the Garfield planning office to register our concerns about the change in the approved proposal by the developers of the project on the southwest corner of Lone Tree and Harris roads. Their request is now changed to develop only the northern half of the parcel owned by the developers, building 16 single family homes with wells and septic systems in an area that already has concerns over water quality.

This proposal is wrong on so many levels. Both water and septic are available on the other portion of the property, which is owned by the same company. Not connecting to the system already nearby is environmentally irresponsible as well as problematic for future families hoping to buy one of the units. Sturdily built smaller homes with expandable options such as adding more rooms or garages are far better way to pass along the connecting charges, which will be required of the homeowner in the very near future anyway.

If the developers cannot afford to plug into available services, they will not build a quality project either, which is unfair to potential buyers, the immediate neighborhood, Garfield Township and Grand Traverse County.

Don and Martha Vreeland

Traverse City

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