The moon

Man hasn’t been back in 50 years because it’s a dangerous dead rock. Absolutely useless to mankind, the only benefit was a temporary, expensive, drug-like fix for man’s insatiable ego. It’s a miracle the Apollo program didn’t turn out like the deadly space shuttle fiasco. The gained technology? Look around you to the rudderless chaos the world is awash in. Mankind is stumbling around, staring into a 4-inch plastic screen as the only known planet with life that exists anywhere is collapsing and dying around them.

What message do you have to share? How to turn a beautiful, miracle planet teaming with life into a dead, poison garbage dump? Or our genius in building wonder weapons to kill each other with?

New plan: Reforest the planet! The only doable program in the time we have left to reverse global warming — clean air, soil and water and restore as many of its remaining life forms as possible. Then, and only then, go play spacemen.

Bill Minore


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