Gun violence

As a retired physician (psychiatrist), I know that physicians deal with the consequences of gun violence daily. I believe having the NRA tell physicians to “stay in their lane” is inappropriate.

I’m also a gun owner and former hunter who thinks Congress needs to support more research and education about reducing gun violence and act — instead of allowing special interest politics to keep muddying the waters.

  • We have rights but also responsibilities. And these are not mutually exclusive. The Second Amendment also contains the words “well regulated.”
  • Identify threats, but don’t stigmatize the mentally ill who are no more likely than others to threaten you.
  • In Switzerland — where gun ownership is also high (but better regulated) — gun deaths per capita are only a fraction of those in the U.S. And in Australia, where semiautomatic weapons were banned in the ‘90s, they saw mass shootings plummet to virtually zero.
  • No single thing will prevent every shooting but there are certain regulations that, if implemented, could stop many.

More wisdom — not more guns!

G. Bob Miller, M.D.


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