Don't muzzle the truth

Millions voted for Trump, but millions also voted for a House of Representatives that voted to impeach him. He and his supporters distort facts to avoid accountability for his behavior.

Some examples:

  • The Mueller investigation found “nothing” — Untrue. It did not confirm collaboration with Russia, but did find election meddling and obstruction.
  • Mainstream news is “fake” — Slanted or sometimes flawed perhaps. But fake? Really?
  • Impeachment is a “hoax” — No, it was the result of an investigation prompted by Trump's own behavior, conducted under applicable laws, with sworn testimony from individuals having relevant information and open to bipartisan questioning.
  • The house can't function because of impeachment activity — No, the House has passed hundreds of bipartisan bills. It is the Senate that has a backlog.

A trial in the senate now awaits, and testimony from those closest to the president (such as Mulvaney and Bolton) would seem invaluable. However, such testimony has been blocked by the president and Sen. McConnell, who has indicated he is cooperating with the president.

If we cannot hear from those witnesses who have the most direct and relevant knowledge of the behavior for which our president is being impeached, this may well obstruct the truth.

G. Bob Miller


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