Words describing Trump

Since Trump began squatting on Pennsylvania Avenue we've collected media references to him and would like to share our favorites. This is a sanitized and incomplete list in deference to families and the word limit for these letters. Here goes: corpulent gasbag (since we're a bit girthy and gassy ourselves, we like this one), serial philanderer, ill-informed, pathological liar, thin-skinned, humorless, fraudulent, carnival barker, charlatan, insecure, slanderer, bully, inhumane, amoral, immoral, sociopathic, narcissistic, paranoid, delusional, reactionary, xenophobic, bigoted, racist, ignoramus, autocratic, incoherent, incompetent, unfit, hateful, vengeful, Putin pawn, Jong-un bromancer, disloyal, untrustworthy, grifter, manipulator, uninteresting, money grubber, loafer, lawyered up, insensitive, dotard, dullard, divisive (ya think?), evangelical darling (really escapes us, much like we suspect it would Jesus), sexist, ill-tempered, undisciplined, inattentive, boorish, ham-fisted (ham thumbed?), unhinged, justice obstructer, oath breaker, stonewaller and impeachable.

Whew! No wonder, after he speaks or tweets, we're not sure whether to cry, laugh, throw up, take a shower or pack our bags and hope that Canada or Mexico might take us. It also begs the question of who would promote such odiousness. Ope! Almost forgot! The GOP spawned and enables this creature and that bears remembering any time we trudge back into the voting booth.

Regis and Patricia McCord


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