Citizen politicians needed

There have been many letters here recently blaming either the Democrats “or” the Republicans for a laundry list of problems.

I have a different idea. Why not blame the Democrats “and” the Republicans?

The two-party system has degenerated to a way to enrich the lifetime political hacks that spend their days on re-election plans. The founders of the country did not envision a two-party system in which people would spend millions of dollars to obtain a job that paid thousands of dollars. It is time to return to citizen politicians.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our elected representatives went to Washington, lived in barracks, did their constitutionally-mandated jobs and then came home? I know there are problems with term limits, but maybe limiting federal legislators to non-consecutive terms by a constitutional amendment is an option. Under this law, a person elected would have to do a good enough job the first time to be able to come back several years out of office and get re-elected.

I welcome suggestions to destroy the two-party system before it destroys our country.

John McCombs

Traverse City

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