Medical consultation

I was alarmed to learn that a few men on the Grand Traverse County Commission have drafted a short letter to Gov. Whitmer demanding a re-opening of elective surgeries, retail, etc., without any consultation with County Health Officer Wendy Hirschenberger or even with the local medical community. This is despite the fact that the governor is already in the process of re-opening businesses in a planned and thoughtful manner. This letter follows the news that the County Commission chairman sent out an email requesting a special session on another matter to all commissioners except Betsy Coffia, the sole woman on the Commission.

What’s the pattern here? Could it be that the governor, the county health officer and Ms. Coffia are all women? Guys, you better look out, your misogyny is showing. You know, women are 50 percent of the population and we can see what you are doing. And we vote.

Reba Leiding

Garfield Township

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