Rebuttal to conservatism

Ms. Rogers, being a proud Trump supporter may blind you to the reality of the things that may be troublesome to you otherwise. Mr. Trump has made racist remarks before he was elected. Birtherism and the “Central Park Five” come to mind.

The U.S. DOJ waging a coup d’état against Trump is a debunked, far-right-wing conspiracy theory. He is not above the law.

There is no transparency. Weekly press conferences are nonexistent (Tweets do not count). Where are the tax returns?

I have more than 25 years of military service under five commanders in chief. I supported and respected the Oval Office. I did not let my political affiliation interfere with my duties or responsibilities. My loyalty is to my country, not a person.

Trump has denigrated war heroes, (John McCain, Bob Muller, Gen Mattis, etc.) an active duty military member (Lt. Col. Vindman) and a Gold Star family (Captain Khan’s family) — which is deplorable. Trump is a draft dodger.

I have a simple test for you, if you can truthfully take it. Replace the word “Trump” with “Obama” or “Clinton” and then see if your conclusions are the same.

Willie Jones, Jr.

Traverse City

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