STR neighbors

I’d like to add another perspective to the short-term rental discussion presented in the Dec. 22 edition of the Record-Eagle. Most communities do allow STRs hosted by a primary resident. But most cities and townships, with family-friendly neighborhoods and a scarcity of housing stock, that want to attract and retain permanent residents for middle income jobs, do not allow investor-purchased non-owner-occupied short term rentals in their residential neighborhoods.

As a resident in a small Elmwood Township neighborhood, I currently have an illegal non-owner-occupied STR just 50 feet from my home and another across the street. I don’t think people who aren’t living in close proximity to STRs can really appreciate the impact on a neighborhood when it becomes commercialized and young families, workers and long term-renters have to compete with an investor’s financial interest for scarce housing. And as a resident, would you want to live surrounded by transient housing, with a steady stream of strangers instead of neighbors?

Mini-hotels don’t belong in a district zoned for residential land use. I hope our elected officials consider the rights of Elmwood Township residents their top priority and do not allow non-owner-occupied STRs in our residential neighborhoods.

Sue Jones

Elmwood Township

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