I have never lived under a rock, but your front-page article on “Ope” certainly tried to make me believe that I have!

I am a Midwesterner, born in Peoria, grew up in central Illinois and Chicago, graduated from an Illinois university and now live in Michigan. In between, I have also lived in PA, MA and CA, but never heard your headline word until read your Page 1 article.

Surely, there are more important things to write about. I am a proud resident of the beautiful Victorian city of Manistee and have never heard the word spoken here! I hear “Oops” everywhere and fully understand culturally variable language. Having lived in Lancaster, PA, I heard all about people needing to “red up” their area — meaning to clean up or straighten up an area.

So, I take exception that Ope is the” Midwest’s most common three-letter utterance”

Seems to me the correct answer is “Hey.”

Patrick Huffman


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