Masks aren't political

In Michigan, we’ve been leaders in combating the spread of coronavirus. I commend Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her decisive action and to all who risk their lives. All must wear masks and keep a safe distance when away from home.

Most Michiganders are taking these precautions; others have appeared in Lansing without masks and behaved irresponsibly. They have taken no meaningful action to combat COVID-19 and seem intent on harming our economy and our people just to score political points. COVID-19 doesn’t care what party you support.

But public health, yours and your loved ones’ lives, should not be political. Wearing a mask is not political. It is a matter of life and death — here at the local level as much as in Lansing. Seeing so many on the streets without masks is disturbing. Do they not care about the health of the rest of us?

Following health guidelines is the best path to keeping our businesses running. It provides the shortest route to get our state’s children back to school safely. A second wave would set us all back. Here’s a nonpartisan plan for all residents and guests: Wear a mask; practice physical distancing; save thousands of lives.

Judy Grimes

Boyne City

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