Recycling woes

I live in Blair Township. I have been very grateful for the recycling bins provided by American Waste — what a wonderful free service.

Now, because of the abuse of people dropping items (many large) outside of the bins, it is being discussed to move the bins to the Township Hall location.

I would assume the new location will be gated with limited hours. How sad that people have to be babysat like children. The cost of taking those items to the recycling center on Hammond is very fair.

Shame on all of you who abused this wonderful service. I ran into a woman who lives in Buckley and she said they had a recycling center in Mesick, but it closed because people abused it. So, once again, a great loss for the people doing it the correct way.

Again, I am very sad and disgusted that all did not appreciate the value of the service.

Dawn Goss


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