Remember ...

In late spring 2018, the City Commission voted to raise property taxes to build out and repair city sidewalks. No citizen vote was taken in the form of a proposal on a ballot. The Commission took it upon itself and decided it knows what's best for Traverse City. Mr. Carruthers and Ms. Shamroe, running for re-election, represent a part of the vote to raise property taxes.

There are many talented candidates running for the Commission and we’re being asked to vote for five positions. It's perhaps time for a turnover of Commission members. Vote on Nov. 5 and vote your conscience.

Larry Gerschbacher

Traverse City

Editor's Note: This letter has been corrected to remove reference to a commissioner who did not participate in the spring 2018 vote on property tax related to sidewalks. Roger Putman was appointed to the city commission after that vote took place.

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