As an avid deer hunter and tree farmer I have used glyphosate and other synthetic chemical herbicides for more than 40 years. Glyphosate is an excellent tool for crop and land management. Its use has saved untold volumes of fuel and hours of labor. The comment that it "kills everything it touches" is absurd. If it is used correctly it is very safe and effective. I will continue to use it as needed even around my household.

A little research reveals that it is declared by the EPA and all other pesticide regulatory agencies in 2019 to not be a carcinogen. Juries in CA not based in science and hating multinational companies have granted huge plaintiff awards despite these facts. That will not end the litigation.

The causes of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) are not well defined. Fifty-three percent of the deaths from that cause are in folks 75 and over, near our life expectancy. A major recent epidemiology study found no link between glyphosate and NHL Thus it's likely that it has never caused cancer or killed anyone.

So you hunters can rest easy about the glyphosate on your food plots. Enjoy a good cigar when you take that buck.

Bob Flannery

Traverse City

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