Education funding dismal

Many of you probably received a recent mailing from Rep. O'Malley in which he touted the passing of funding legislation for K-12 education. He failed to mention:

1). The passage was four months too late to allow school districts to prepare a budget based on actual, approved state funding, thereby wasting district administration and board time and creating best-guess budget; 2). In real dollars, the money was hardly greater than funding of over a decade ago, not a "record funding" as he claims; 3). The passage of the legislation came in September after he spent August on vacation; 4). While he claims to be "committed to closing gap between highest-funded districts and lowest-funded districts," this promise to our children was made OVER 20 years ago, still has not arrived and generations of students have been victimized by this under-funding.

I will remember all of this vividly when I cast my ballot next year for anyone but Jack O'Malley. I hope you as the editor hold Rep. O'Malley accountable for his actions, or is it inaction?

Kenneth Eike

Suttons Bay

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