Positive change

Americans are distraught by the animosity and ruined friendships that have become commonplace today. We are also concerned about the future of our democracy. Some liken these times to the Vietnam War era and similar divisive times in U.S. history, and lament that we will get through this … also.

Well, guess what? We will not all get through this. DACA young people, who have never lived anywhere but here, may be deported soon. Refugee and asylum-seeking families are dying and others are separated; some never to be reunited. Small business owners are going out of business. Distraught farmers are turning to suicide.

If folks like Martin Luther King and thousands of young people hadn’t taken to the streets to protest the Vietnam War, that war might have continued years longer with thousands more killed. Alternatively, if more of us had protested sooner, thousands would not have died.

There are many ways to stop the lies and injustices. Indivisible-GT, TC and Leelanau are working for justice and positive change. American Promise-GT is attempting to get corporate money out of government. Mothers Demand Action-Northern MI goal is commonsense gun reform.

Please choose to get out of your routine and take action.

Kate Dahlstrom

Traverse City

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