Thanks overdue

Our deepest thanks to volunteers like the Lewallens (Record-Eagle, Dec. 26) and the dozens of caring individuals like them who have been lending a hand to people with emotional and/or physical needs in our community. It is amazing…the difference…that even one or two people can make. Thank you, volunteers.

Also thank you, staff of outreach organizations like Michael’s Place (same paper), CFS, CMH, NAMI, JFON, BDAI, CAC, JPAC, CHS, Goodwill, Safe Harbor and many more. Jobs here are likely not the best paying in the profession, and in addition to worry sometimes keeping you up at night, this work must require tremendous inner strength as you connect with hurting people, day after day, year after year. Thank you, staff.

Thank you, police officers and first responders, who often interface with mentally impaired in our community. These can be tough situations. In addition to thorough CIT training, it can take tremendous amounts of patience and compassion to work through often challenging interactions. Thank you.

We are only as good as the least of us. Our community’s health and resilience depend upon all of us.

Rick Dahlstrom family

Traverse City

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