Routine behavior

Just when we all thought nothing could top the “Access Hollywood” tape, ordering the locking up of children in cages at the border or making fun of people with disabilities, recently the president may have outdone himself for Michiganians.

As his impeachment proceeded, he was in Battle Creek trashing a revered deceased Michigan member of Congress who served his Detroit area district for 59 years. “Maybe he’s looking up” (from h*ll), President Trump said. Of course this behavior is routine for our 45th president who, at a speech at the Freedom and Faith Coalition, attacked deceased Sen. John McCain in much the same way.

During the debate in the House Dec. 18, republican members of Congress compared the treatment of the president to the Crucifixion of Christ and Democrats to Pontius Pilate and the Romans. They compared the Democrats to the attack on Pearl Harbor and Josef Stalin. But not one republican member EVER vouched for the president’s character, or called him a good man or an honest and honorable man.

The next day, Christianity Today, a magazine founded by Billy Graham, called for the removal of Mr. Trump from office describing him as “grossly immoral.”

Francis Cullen

Traverse City

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