A sad 73-year-old

I am a very sad 73-year-old. The country I have known to be a leader of the free world no longer exists. We no longer can claim to have a leader worthy of our democratic ideals. We have never been perfect, but we stride toward it. This president denigrates the military, diplomats, Congress, resistors and people who dare to disagree or speak against blatant abuses of power. The man and the people he has surrounded himself with should be gone before there is nothing left of American integrity.

I urge Rep. Bergman, Sen. Peters and Sen. Stabenow to impeach him. They should look in the mirror and see something in their eyes that indicates a backbone, courage and morality. This is despair for what we have worked towards achieving and is probably lost. It is a sad time. This man has put himself above the law and the Constitution and I am afraid that both Congress and the courts are going to allow it. For shame.

Jeremy Connolly


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