Women’s rights

There are two petitions being circulated. These petitions would ban abortion. The new law is that if a certain number of people sign it, the Michigan legislature can vote the petition into law by a simple majority. This law would not be available for the governor’s veto. The petition language would become law by simple majority vote of our legislature!

Two petitions potentially streamlining through the legislature:

1 - The Michigan Heartbeat Coalition Petition seeks to ban abortion after six weeks gestation.

2 - The Michigan Values Life Petition would ban the dilation and extraction procedure, the safest and most common procedure at any point in a pregnancy.

If only 340,000 people in Michigan sign the petition, it can be brought before the legislature, voted on and with a simple majority become law. It would never go to Gov. Whitmer for veto. It becomes law by simple majority legislature vote! Be aware what petitions you sign!


Emmy Lou Cholak

Traverse City

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