Pesticide perils

I settled a lawsuit with the seven largest chemical manufacturers in the USA for causing my acute mylogenous leukemia. Everyone uses their products; the products that caused my illness were pesticides. The active ingredients in pesticides that cause real harm by law don’t have to be revealed. This is the Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act, which allows withholding of critical and sometimes lethal information from the product label. I was a commercial pesticide applicator, trained to apply these safely by the Department of Agriculture.

The Monsanto Roundup commercial settlement in California was about the man who applied herbicide (Roundup) and was diagnosed with lymphoma. You can still buy it.

Front Street merchants now use paper bags instead of plastic. However, signs in the grass declared “Warning, Pesticide Application.” The grass looked neon green, not one weed. That is unnatural grass caused by applying fertilizer and an herbicide called “weed and feed.”

What active chemical is in that? The manufacturer knows but won’t tell.

There are natural alternatives to herbicides and fertilizers. Why be concerned about just plastics when chemicals in pesticides can also last decades and can be carcinogenic?

You’re probably carrying pesticide chemicals in your body. You can get a chemical Body Burden Test.

L. Anderson

Traverse City

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