We don’t have grandchildren yet. But my husband and I are at the stage when grasping a little hand to go for a bike ride or for an ice cream cone is starting to seem real. And when I think about future conversations with our grandkids, my simple hope is when they ask about climate change, we’re able to look into their eyes and say, “that’s something we used to worry about.”

At Consumers Energy, we have a plan to make that hope a reality — all in service of people, the planet and Michigan’s prosperity.

I’m excited to share that on Wednesday, Oct. 9, we’re bringing our nation-leading Clean Energy Plan “Love Michigan” tour to Traverse City, where I’ll share our vision and strategy for the future with local leaders and students at The Dennos Museum.

This plan is more than projections and possibilities; it’s a movement to create a new, clean energy future for Michigan — and so far on our stops, we’ve seen that people are ready for it. Across the state, communities are making commitments to leave the planet better than they found it. Right here in Traverse City, your local government has committed to going 100 percent renewable. And we’re right here with you.

Our Clean Energy Plan will meet Michigan’s electricity needs with 90 percent clean energy resources, reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent and eliminate the use of coal.

We’ll accomplish this by relying more on clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar — and using innovative technologies such as a smarter grid, smart home appliances and battery storage.

Today, peak energy demands are driven mostly by home air conditioning. Once upon a time, meeting peak demand required many power plants to keep electricity flowing on summer’s hottest days. The Clean Energy Plan allows us to lower peak demand and deliver exactly the power homes and businesses need — without the waste.

But we can’t deliver on this plan alone. We need the support of every Michigander, and I’m personally inviting you to join us in bringing our clean energy dream to life. Trust me, we’re not used to asking for help. As Michigan’s largest energy provider, we’re more accustomed to showing our love for community through service.

But we recognize climate change is real — and it’s too big to battle alone. That’s why I’m taking this tour and asking you to join the movement by pledging your support at www.MICleanEnergyPlan.com. To show our appreciation, we’ll plant a tree in your honor.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. The Clean Energy Plan is our roadmap to build a clean energy future for our grandchildren — and their grandchildren. Please join us!

Patti Poppe is president and chief executive officer of Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest energy provider.

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