Governor Gretchen Whitmer will visit our neck of the northwoods today. We’ve prepared for a gubernatorial visit by assembling our questions about various topics.

What are your questions?

Much has happened since Gov. Whitmer took office in January, including action on these topics:

  • the current impasse on “fixing the damn roads” without a budget and new gas tax
  • the ongoing Line 5 tunnel debate and current lawsuit
  • ongoing struggling schools
  • the third-grade reading requirement that starts this year
  • state coverage of gender reassignment surgery through Medicaid
  • PFAS contamination and clean drinking water
  • job creation and preservation in agricultural and manufacturing sectors
  • Great Lakes environment
  • general government efficiency and spending
  • auto insurance

This list is just scratching the surface, but we’re curious about what you’d like to know.

What is working for you in Michigan? What isn’t?

Email your questions to

We can pass your concerns along, and will tell you what we find.