This week, the annual holiday bustle settled over northern Michigan — a seasonal surge before we tuck in for another long, snowy winter.

It’s a time of year when the generosity so abundant in the Grand Traverse region often steps into the spotlight. A time of year when our communities do their best ensure none of our neighbors are left behind in the season of plenty.

The giving, the surge of seasonal generosity isn’t new. Sure, the Grand Traverse region, by virtue of its stunning coastline and peaceful forests, like most Lake Michigan coastal communities draws visitors by the thousands. But the element that sets us apart from so many, the ingredients that make us plant deep roots, are our neighbors.

That’s why a few years ago, the Record-Eagle decided to spend a little extra time during the final days of the year telling the stories of the unsung heroes who make this place home.

But we can’t be everywhere and don’t know everyone, especially the people who so often give freely, but who don’t seek the spotlight or recognition.

So, in the midst of a time of year when it seems everyone gives just a little more, we need your help. We are looking for the “Good Samaritans” whose stories we will tell this year.

We need you to tell us about the volunteers, friends, passersby, neighbors and family members who spend the extra hours, or go the extra miles. We need to hear about the people who always lend a hand. The ones who never say “no” when someone needs help.

We want to hear about the people in your life who deserve a little recognition for the wonderful contributions they make to our community.

Because they’re the people who make our home so much more that just another pretty beachside town.

If you know of someone the Record-Eagle should highlight in our annual Good Samaritans series, please email us at

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