Editor's Note: This has been updated to correct important voting procedure information: please register to vote and turn in mailed ballots at local clerks' offices.

Today’s news may focus widely on national elections in 2020 but we in the 5-county coverage area have more pressing matters to consider:

Should Kalkaska County residents fund a 20-year, 1.5-mill levy for the Kaliseum to renovate and maintain the aging facility?

Should Leland Township residents increase taxes from 1.3 to 1.8 mills to increase emergency medical services and firefighting operations?

Should those in Kingsley Area Schools levy a 30-year, $39.94 million tax proposal to construct a new middle school with modern security features and an 800-seat gymnasium?

Should those in the Benzie Central Schools district fund a proposed 30-year, $47.9 million tax to build new elementary school, community center and bus barn, upgrade all district schools?

Should voters renew operating millages for school in Leland, Frankfort-Elberta and Ellsworth?

These issues — almost $100 million dollars worth — will be decided today between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. at your local polling place.

Last November’s passage of Proposal 3 “Promote the Vote” doesn’t leave a lot of room for excuses.

Shawn Starkey, Secretary of State’s office communications director, reports that everyone is ready to try out the new provisions, like same-day voting registration.

Those who need to register can bring proof of residency to the local township or village clerk's office all day — not the polling place — and register to vote there.

Vote-by-mail ballots were also sent out this year and those who haven’t mailed them in yet can turn them into the local township clerk’s offices.

They’ve already seen a little bump with 5,000 state residents requesting ballots by mail, Starkey said.

May elections may not get the airtime but there are 545 jurisdictions in our state with something on the ballot — be it a school, fire, library district proposal or a candidate election to fill a vacancy.

These matters loom larger, and impact us close to home.

Visit michigan. gov/vote and see your sample ballot, registration status and location.