One musical concept that most people learn — even if your formal music training ended with kazoo — is crescendo.

It’s the high point. The loud point. The intense point. The peak.

But there can be no crescendo without a build-up. Step-by-step, a gradual progression — over time, with varying intensity.

The build-up and high point are intertwined; one can’t exist without the other.

There’s no payoff if there’s no work before it. It must be earned.

Crescendos are used to describe music, and often, to describe various progressions in our lives.

In Traverse City, our chorus is getting louder with inspired voices. And now, a trombone player.

Merwin has played trombone with the TSO for seven years. He has been director of music at the Interlochen Center for the Arts since 2009. He has been conductor of the Interlochen Arts Academy’s Brass Ensemble and House Band for the last decade.

Already a leader, Merwin’s new role as TSO’s head amplifies his voice, and our community’s — as we build our crescendo of opportunity.

Casey Cowell’s company, Boomerang Catapult, seeks to bring high tech companies and skilled workers to our community. Trey Devey is building new bridges between Interlochen and TC. They share Merwin’s aspirations that TC can become a significant cultural center that attracts an educated work force.

Merwin believes the TSO can better serve the community, and will be working toward that end as well as sustaining the high quality of the orchestra.

What starts small can get bigger — and the bigger is better because of the small.

We are looking forward to the beautiful music — and deepening, resonant opportunities for TSO — and our town.