• To Billy Strings. The one-time Traverse City resident’s latest studio album, “Home,” has been nominated for a Grammy Award for best bluegrass album.

“Considering the year that we’ve had, it lifted our spirits,” he said in a phone interview from Nashville.

“I was pretty blown away. … We’ve been acknowledged by our peers and to get nominated for a Grammy is one of the highest honors in the industry as far as an award goes. It feels crazy, dude. I’m just a little kid from Muir (outside Ionia) and I definitely didn’t expect it.”

  • To Jaime Smith. Folks have been watching as Smith guided the Frankfort wrestling program the last 10 years, winning the school’s first boys district championships in 2017 and 2018. Smith recently accepted an additional role as female Michigan representative for the National Wrestling Coaches Association. She’s already one of six regional representatives — for boys and girls — for the Michigan Wrestling Association.

“I’d be shocked if there’s anybody else in the state that’s more passionate about girls wrestling,” Frankfort athletic director Dave Jackson said. “When we hired her, we got some odd looks about hiring a woman to coach wrestling. Then when everyone saw how well our kids were advancing, they changed their tune.”

Smith also has spearheaded the effort to get girls wrestling sanctioned by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, which currently helps sponsor the finals.

  • To a group of quick-acting local first responders. Michigan State Police troopers and Traverse City Police Department officers responded to a call at about 8:40 p.m. on Nov. 27 — the situation was described to dispatchers as two unresponsive individuals in an East Front Street apartment, an MSP release states.

The first officer on scene, TCPD Officer Ben Snyder, immediately began chest compressions on the first person he found — an unconscious man. Snyder directed arriving state troopers to an unconscious woman lying next to him on the apartment’s bathroom floor. Trooper Trevor Baesch jumped to action and assessed the woman.

He quickly gave the woman two nasal doses of Naloxone, followed by chest compressions.

Baesch’s partner, Trooper Stephen O’Dell, offered another two doses, which Baesch administered to the still-unresponsive man nearby.

Traverse City firefighters assisted with rescue breathing and other lifesaving attempts as Baesch and Snyder continued chest compressions. North Flight EMS paramedics arrived minutes later and took over lifesaving measures.

Thanks to quick action by Snyder, Baesch and other first responders, the man, a 32-year-old Traverse City resident, eventually regained consciousness. The woman, a 40-year-old from Frankfort, had a heartbeat and began breathing on her own.

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