To Newton’s Road, which plans to add STEM kits to the Interlochen Public Library and Peninsula Community Library by the end of November. People of all ages and abilities can check out a kit.To the Frey Foundation, which contributed $10,000 to the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Founda…

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on Sunday issued an emergency order putting a three-week pause on large indoor social gatherings and group activities, plus another round of restrictions on businesses with indoor services — all aimed at stalling the rapid rise of COVID-19…

ToGlen Lake Community Schools’ new marching band. “Small and mighty” is how Glen Lake’s music director describes the Lakers’ band.First-year teacher Eli George found it wasn’t teaching music or marching techniques that was the greatest challenge, even though they had only about three weeks b…

Michiganders normally celebrate water. We love the stuff. We drink it and use it to make everything from soup to beer. We swim in it and sail, paddle and motor across it. We love to gaze at it when it’s roiling whitecaps just as much as when it’s glassy calm.

Even on calm days, the newsroom is a hectic place. Stories that appear simple grow complicated as conflicting accounts emerge. Deadlines loom. Priorities shift as real-time realities change, and resources reshuffle — always under the constant pressure and weight that comes with the mandate t…

To the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation and Michigan Humanities. The Gerstacker Foundation, based in Midland, recently awarded the National Writers Series a $15,000 grant to support its Raising Writers programs, including the Front Street Writers, Battle of the Books and creative writing classes.

To Stormcloud Brewing in Frankfort, which was one of five Michigan breweries to claim a medal at the 34th annual Great American Beer Festival Competition in Denver.

We’re noticing an uptick in COVID-19 exposures in our community. Cases, percent positivity, school exposures — it’s not just one number, all of them are creeping up.

To Traverse City’s Parallel 45 Theatre, which is celebrating its 10th birthday. It began 10 years ago with a budget of $14,000, but has since grown to have an annual budget of $750,000.

To the Traverse Area District Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. TADL received a $14,000 Improving Access to Information grant from the Institute. Funds support the new Student Success portal, a collaboration between TADL and Newton’s Road that provides STEM kits for s…

To the Traverse City Central and Traverse City St. Francis boys tennis teams, which both continued remarkable runs this season.

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that our reality can change whiplash fast. We learned quickly that anything — our relationships with each other, our institutions, routines, livelihoods, education — are on moving ground. We can’t take anything for granted.

To Indigenous communities across North America, which on Tuesday marked the eighth annual Orange Shirt Day, a way to remember and honor Indigenous children who suffered and died in residential and boarding schools under U.S. and Canadian assimilation policies.

To Phyllis Garn, who was honored for her service as a World War II veteran at Boardman Lake Glens.

Voting absentee used to be a mundane practice, kinda boring. You check the boxes, you seal and mail the envelope. No election day fanfare, no day-of “I voted” laudatory sticker — the democratic process boiled down to you and the lonely squeak of the mail flag.

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