We write a lot of “get out the vote” editorials to encourage people to voice their choice.

We consider it our civic duty, especially in less splashy mid-term elections when election news doesn’t saturate all channels.

But this election is no snooze with lots of contested races and plenty of questions to decide, including:

Who will be Traverse City’s next mayor?

Who — in a six-way race — will fill three vacancies on the Traverse City commission?

Who will fill a partial term vacated by Michele Howard?

Five out of seven commission seats potentially signifies big sway on the board.

TC voters also get to decide whether or not to extend the Brown Bridge Parks Improvement Trust Fund for five more years. The oil and gas royalty fund is expected to raise $900,000. New language caps projects at $250,000 and removes a matching requirement.

A breath-holding defeat in Benzie County in May by 114 votes brings the new school bond back in front of voters; the only tweaks to the ballot language are a lower millage rate for the $47.85 million bond over a shorter period of time, and the addition of two new preschool classrooms at Lake Ann Elementary School.

Leelanau County voters will decide a five-year 0.253-mill property tax proposal called the Early Childhood Services millage request to make sure kids from age 0 to 6 are ready for school.

Village and township residents of Northport today will choose whether they want to spread around the cost of a sewer system through a municipal assessment district rather than current practice of collecting from sewer customers and village/township budgets.

Four people are running for three seats on the Frankfort City Council; and Warner Township voters in Antrim County will consider renewing a road funding millage.

Political letter-writers have also been busy. We were able to get most of them in before the deadline, but a few came in after, and we’re sorry that we weren’t able to run them. We try to verify and fact-check them all before the election. We missed one and it misattributed a vote to Roger Putman that he didn’t cast. We regret the error.

So now, it’s up to us to carry it through and vote. Make your voice heard and your opinion known.

Polling locations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today, and BATA is offering free rides to those who need a lift to their polling station.

We will do our part and publish results as we get them, and will call what we can before press time tonight.

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