Smart money chased gold prices higher all week in “flight to quality” buying fueled by geopolitical fears, continuing ultralow interest rates, the trade dispute with China, and thoughts that Washington will allow bigger and bigger deficits.

People are starting to worry about a recession. Based on the Federal Reserve’s reaction, it is too. Yet, recessions don’t just happen without warning and economic expansions don’t come with set expiration dates.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its newest monthly estimates on the U.S. employment situation, showing a gloomier outlook. While unemployment remains at a 49-year low of 3.6 percent, very few new jobs are being created and wages are increasing tepidly. The newest report showed o…

When the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, many in the GOP claimed that it was a bill designed to help the middle class. Yet the true nature of the bill was massive corporate welfare. Huge tax cuts to major corporations — and although posting large profits, allowing many of them to pay …

When speaking to young people about how to grow and prosper in this life, I am quick to say that the absolute best thing one can do is to invest in one’s self. There is no question that those who invest in their education, skills, family and community have the best opportunity to succeed. Ea…

Much talk and attention has been given over the last several years to the implications of the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, and the associated transfer of wealth — the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth in our nation’s history.

As consumers, we know that having a good credit score is important. Whether you are applying for a loan or signing up for a credit card, your credit score plays a major role in determining if you will be approved. Your credit score can also have a significant impact on loan terms and borrowi…

Corn prices popped this week as markets grew increasingly concerned about severe planting delays across the Corn Belt. Nationwide, only 30 percent of the crop had been planted as of last week, compared to a recent average near 60 percent.

President Trump this week threatened China with stiffer tariffs ahead of trade talks. On Friday, he raised tariffs from 10 to 25 percent on a $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. For U.S. consumers, this will mean higher prices on goods imported from China, on items from toothbrushes and toi…

Traverse City has a long history of spinning along in sync with the changing seasons. Summer tourism isn't our only lucrative pursuit up here, but it remains a shining star of our economy. Summer brings out spoke wheels, sunscreen, sails — and sales.

The line between carnivores and vegetarians is getting blurred as scientists continue expanding on meat substitutes. From plant-based burgers that “bleed” to lab-grown meat, more alternatives are appearing on grocery shelves and on menus. The trend was underscored this week by a record-break…

Oil prices shot to a six-month high this week amidst ongoing concerns about global supply shortages.

I’m not much of a golfer. Perhaps that’s explained by the fact that I get out on the links maybe only two or three times a year! They say practice makes perfect, but for some reason, I don’t think that applies to me and the game of golf.

Flocks of recent high school graduates in just a few months will leave the nest and head off to college or university for the first time. Parents are faced with a wide range of emotions as they watch their children prepare to spread their wings as independent young adults.

Normally I pay little attention to the weather forecast. I just keep trudging forward no matter if it's sunny, raining or snowing. I love blue skies, but still go to work when it's cloudy. A glance out the window in the morning helps me choose my outer layer of clothing.

Axios recently reported that 62 health care company CEOs earned a combined $1.1 billion in compensation in 2018. They also pointed out that that’s $157 million more than the CDC spent on research for chronic illness prevention.

Call me an old-fashioned Midwesterner, but I believe strongly that working and having a “job” is critical to every person’s mental and physical well-being. However, a desire to work, being hard working and receiving a paycheck often isn’t enough.

Some statistics are meant to shock. Others do it without even trying. According to a recent population survey, half of all retirees rely on Social Security for more than 50% of their income. And, more shocking still, one in four retirees depend on Social Security for over 90% of their income…

College admissions across the country came under scrutiny last week when it came to light that families who had hired Rick Singer may have crossed the line in a cheating and bribery scandal.

In a 2015 interview with the Daily Signal, a conservative publication affiliated with the Heritage Foundation, then-candidate Donald Trump said, “I’m not going to cut Social Security like other Republicans and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.”

After almost two decades counseling clients on many financial topics, I certainly run into recurring themes. I suppose this is why 88-year-old Warren Buffett claims that, like wine, he gets better with age!

Healthy, active lifestyles sometimes are a struggle when many of us sit at computers, or stand in one place on a factory floor, or drive cross-country for a living.

I’ve always hated tax season. It forces me to do math. It makes me think about how much money I didn’t earn last year. It takes time away from important evening activities like watching Jeopardy! and dusting my collection of thrift store cameras.

Not long ago, I highlighted two tricks to help lower your tax bill. Since we’ve entered a whole new tax year, I’ll take the risk of sounding like a broken record. It’s worth it to me if it saves you some money.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture released its outlook for the coming year on Friday morning, showing a drastic swing for U.S. farmers away from planting soybeans towards corn. Many Midwestern farmers make an annual decision between the two crops, gauging weather, soil conditions, and profi…

Personal and individual success are special and significant, of course. But there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when a group of individuals — or organizations — from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives can come together and meld their talents, ideas and commona…

When someone asked me, “have you ever considered being a SCORE mentor?” I didn’t think I had enough experience to do so. But over the last two years of serving as one, I have been pleasantly surprised to learn that I do have a lot to share with young entrepreneurs.

Gas prices are starting to climb again, hitting drivers at the pump. After dropping to a three-year low recently, prices rebounded by over 30 cents per gallon.

Winter for Michigan farmers is a season for workshops — of two completely different kinds. They get quality "me" time crawling on a dirt workshop floor with a bloody knuckle and an oily cheek, swearing at a rusted bolt that won't come loose from the underside of a broken tractor. And winter is the traditional time for farmers to attend educational workshops, learn about new techniques and catch up on the latest regulations.

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