Sometimes the teacher is the teacher. But sometimes, and likely more often than we give them credit for, the student is the teacher.

The allegations in Ronan Farrow’s recent book, “Catch and Kill,” that top execs at NBC News had squashed his revelatory reporting on Harvey Weinstein (NBC’s loss was The New Yorker’s gain) ripped open in me old psychic wounds. I thought I had put these to bed on my birthday in 2002, when I l…

To Northport’s Idyll Farms. The farmstead’s Mont Idyll — a smooth and creamy cheese with a citrusy kick and “beautiful rind” painted with vegetable ash that’s already a winner of multiple American Cheese Society awards — was declared a Good Food Awards winner on Jan. 17, Idyll Farms co-owner…

We fought England over being taxed without representation. It is no wonder that our founding fathers crafted the Constitution based on the principle that the majority ought to govern.

Several decades ago, I served as a juror. It was a complicated murder case of forensic evidence, testimony and documents that the prosecutor admitted was circumstantial. The evidence created a strong likelihood that the defendant had killed his estranged wife, but I was conflicted. Did the c…

To all northern Michigan residents honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and his message Monday, including Northwestern Michigan College’s Children’s Choir Cantus, which is among the 100 vocalists and musicians at the “MLK: A Musical Remembrance” event at the City Opera House.

The U.S. Department of Commerce on Dec. 6 officially agreed with farmers’ and processors’ contention that dried tart cherries grown in Turkey were being sold in the U.S. at unfairly low prices.

"Find the cost of freedom,” wrote Stephen Stills in 1970 upon visiting a Civil War site. Those who fought and died to defend our freedoms are indeed “buried in the ground” as Stills and company sang.

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