I had high hopes for Wikipedia. Having grown up with the Encyclopedia Britannica, I knew that its articles combined a fulsome array of factoids — at least, those accepted in the historical moment in which its entries were written — with a literary flair that gave the reader a three-dimension…

To the Traverse City Pit Spitters, who capped off their inaugural campaign in dramatic fashion. The Pit Spitters beat the Eau Claire Express 3-2 with their second walk-off victory in four games of the Northwoods League’s playoffs and clinched a league championship in Friday’s Summer Collegiate World Series at Pit Spitters Park in front of 4,636 fans.

I was disappointed by a recent opinion piece by Sue Kelly, Traverse City Area Public Schools Board President, that completely mischaracterizes the School Finance Research Collaborative’s first-of-its-kind study that determined the true cost to educate a child in Michigan. It’s truly disappoi…

Electronic, two-wheeled motorized scooters jolted onto local sidewalks and streets this summer, prompting debate about how new mobility tools fit into the fabric of Traverse City.

Forty-five years of fishing for brook trout in the Boardman River has given me an acute interest in the management of the river, especially its fishery. The removal of three of the four dams on the river, along with plans to replace the Union Street Dam with a FishPass structure, increased m…

To those who recently gave to the Bay Community Theatre, which received $25,070 in donations in July, surpassing its goal. Actor and comedian Tim Allen, who often summers in Leelanau County, plans to match up to $15,000 of the donations.

Individuals have jobs and bank accounts. We save for big expenses on the horizon, like retirement, college and medical bills. We make choices with our bottom lines in mind. Can we afford the rent in this apartment over another one? Should we go out to a restaurant or cook at home?

Governor Gretchen Whitmer will visit our neck of the northwoods today. We’ve prepared for a gubernatorial visit by assembling our questions about various topics.

Shouting about 2020 elections doesn’t stop the wheels turning on the summer’s township elections set to affect local services and your tax bill in the much shorter — and in some cases, longer term.

‘Get me rewrite!” So went the popular image of the rewrite editor at the other end of the line from the reporter breathlessly dictating into the phone.

To Traverse City Central High School (No. 1,150) and Traverse City West Senior High School (No. 1,649), which recently ranked in the top 8 percent of high schools in the nation on the Jay Mathews Challenge Index. The index takes the number of Advanced Placement, international baccalaureate or Cambridge tests given at a school each year divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year.

Five years ago, then-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan stood together with the Detroit City Council at a Detroit manufacturing facility to call for an allocation of 50,000 visas for immigrants wishing to move to Detroit to help revitalize the city’s economy and housing …

The fairgrounds today will be a parade of flatbeds. Its music will be the heavy lifting soundtrack of moving and construction, the calming tones used to soothe nervous creatures, the snap of putting kids to work when they want to run off and see their fair friends.

The robin has been Michigan’s official state bird since 1931. That declaration followed a 1929 Michigan Audubon Society vote that attracted 190,000 ballots and resulted in two birds taking the lead: the robin and the chickadee. The robin won the nod.

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