TRAVERSE CITY — The locations of two of the three businesses that closed in the 200 block of E. Front Street in downtown Traverse City soon will have new tenants.

The store that housed the Pink Anchor at 219 E. Front St. will not be vacant long. Karen Hilt, owner of My Secret Stash at 122 Cass St., said she will open a second store at 219 E. Front St.

Across the street at 220 E. Front St., the former home of Raven’s Child also will have a new tenant. Miner’s North Jewelers General Manager Jeff Guntzviller said he is signing a 20-year-lease and will take possession of the space “in a week or two” to expand his jewelry store.

Hilt said she takes possession of the former Pink Anchor location on Sept. 23 and plans an Oct. 4 opening. Hilt said the new store will be called Apogee after the point of the orbit of the moon when it is furthest from the earth.

“It’s going to be completely different,” Hilt said.

Hilt said Apogee will have the tag line “The Purveyor of Fine Things.” She said she envisions a new store that will feature more “giftable items,” an expanded Julie Chai pottery line and additional men’s items.

Guntzviller said Miner’s North, 222 E. Front, needs to add to its 1,550-square-feet of retail space.

“Our business is growing and the most logical step is more space,” he said. “We’ve explored the idea of buying other downtown buildings over the years. It would be hard to move off the block that we’re on.”

Guntzviller said the two stores previously were connected with archways and will be again. He plans one side of the store devoted to diamond engagement and wedding rings, the other to fine jewelry.

“We’ll be able to offer a better experience for our customers and more space,” Guntzviller said, adding the expansion will bring 14 additional parking spaces for customers and employees.

Miner’s North will remain open during reconstruction and expansion, Guntzviller said. He said the spring of 2020 is a rough target for the store.

“This is the next 20 years of my life,” he said. “I don’t want to rush it.”

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