A contestant on “Elevator Pitch” makes an appeal to a panel of four investors.

IRVINE, California — The show with an emphasis on 60 turns 6.

Backed by “Entrepreneur” magazine, the show “Elevator Pitch” begins its sixth season.

Traverse City’s Russell Schindler, the founder and CEO of SampleServe, taped an appearance Sept. 18 for the show. His episode is set to air Dec. 2, according to “Entrepreneur” editor-in-chief Jason Feifer.

Those appearing on the show make a 60-second elevator pitch and then a panel of four investors or “judges” decide whether or not to open the doors.

“This show really puts an emphasis on the pitch,” Feifer said. “If you don’t nail the pitch, you don’t even have a shot to even talk to the investors.”

Feifer said the show continues to gain traction. “Elevator Pitch” has more than 30 million views each season. reaches 14 million people each month, according to Feifer.

Episodes of “Elevator Pitch” are available at and its over-the-top (OTT) apps, YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, Flipboard, Cheddar, BizTV and ReachTV.

“The viewership numbers are extremely strong when you talk about all the different ways to see it,” Feifer said. “It’s a real hit for us, this show.”

Feifer said the reason for the success of “Elevator Pitch” and other similar shows — “Shark Tank” will be in its 12th season this fall — is simple.

“A big reason for that is business people love to see ideas put to the test,” he said. “Entrepreneurs are always real interested in what investors are thinking.”

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