TRAVERSE CITY — The video file was too big to send to her mom via text, so Raina Lagalo posted it to her Facebook page instead.

Overnight, the post accumulated about 10,000 views, said Dominic Lagalo, Raina’s husband. Within a day, that number rose to a million — and it just kept going, he said.

The 34-second video shows Raina eating a burrito while holding then-4-month-old daughter Riva Rose Lagalo — who repeatedly tries to take a bite of mom’s food.

“Her doctor said that I could start thinking about introducing her to solid foods if she started showing any interest ... might this qualify? #getitgirl,” Raina wrote in the post.

Six months later, the Jan. 13 post alone has amassed more than 23 million views, 131,500 reactions and 309,550 shares. That doesn’t take into account those who have seen the video elsewhere online or places like “Inside Edition” and “Good Morning America.”

“It’s hilarious and it’s relatable to all moms,” said Raina. “We just happened to capture it — it epitomizes the hungry look.”

It’s amazing how many people have seen the video, Dominic said.

People recognize Riva and Raina just walking down the street and some ask to take pictures, he said.

While responses overwhelmingly are positive, there are some “haters,” the Traverse City couple said.

Some people have “screamed child abuse” or that they “need to be locked in cages,” said Dominic.

If anything, they’ve learned people care about a hungry baby, said Raina. Riva just had eaten when the video was taken, she added.

The couple reached out to friend Matt Gerwirtz — who runs The 4North Project, a nonprofit that, in part, helps feed people in developing countries — to partner on a GoFundMe.

“If everybody who watched the video gave a dollar toward feeding hungry babies, we could do a lot of good there,” said Raina.

Riva is a bundle of joy that flipped the couple’s world upside down from the start, said Dominic, who has two children from a previous marriage — Vincent, 13, and Owen, 15.

He said he and Raina are 42 and were together for seven years when they started talking about having a baby. They ended up using in-vitro fertilization to conceive Riva.

Now 10 months old, Riva is pulling herself up, crawling and teething, said Raina. She’s not a picky eater at all, she said.

The viral video experience has been a positive — and humbling — one overall, said Dominic.

“We would love to redirect from the negative to the positive,” he added. “Take a second out of your day to think about someone next to you. Take a second (and) make a change.

“If there’s any kind of platform we could use our daughter for, it’s just love each other and be concerned about the person next to you.”