I’m on my way back from town. My satellite radio is tuned to a news station. It is six days after the election, and the news is crackling with noise from a strife-filled transition. Words of anger and animosity bounce off each other, beneath which attempting to surface are those of a relief …

The most important lessons we learn often don’t become relevant, or at least we don’t recognize them as relevant, until those teachers have faded into memories and their voices dimmed by time.

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EMPIRE — Rebecca Lessard released her last rehabilitated eagle on South Fox Island about a month ago, piling into a small chartered plane with the caged raptor and her assistant.

It was 6:30 a.m. and still dark. Grandpa Helmboldt pointed with his flashlight to a big stump and whispered, “You sit right here. You’re on a small hill between two swamps. The deer cross right through here. Be really quiet and alert. I’ll come back and get you at noon, unless I hear you shoot.”

I learned a lot running for elected office this year. As a statewide university board candidate, I met voters aged 18 to 91. Students, university employees, alumni and others shared their strong views on education.

Reporters can be hypocrites, but not necessarily in the way our online critics suggest.

In a tribute to the active acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, Chaucer describes his Oxford clerk — equivalent to a modern-day undergraduate — by saying, “And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.”

‘In fourteen hundred ninety-two/Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” goes the old jingle introducing the story of how an Italian navigator seeking a new trade route to India in the service of the Spanish monarchy discovered America while proving our world was round.

When I was in school, it was a common English class assignment to write letters to our future selves. I vaguely remember doing it, although the future Ford I wrote the letter to was probably the 25-year-old me, not the 60-something one.

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