In his review of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Twice Told Tales,” Edgar Allen Poe declares that the highest form of literary expression is a rhymed poem that can be read in one sitting.


TRAVERSE CITY — Quilting became popular in America during the 19th century. Today, northern Michigan boasts many quilting groups like Fellowship Quilters of Traverse City.

Deadlines, busy schedules, taking care of others, dysfunctional relationships, unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others can all bring about feelings of stress.

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TRAVERSE CITY — For author Randall Sullivan, the story of Oak Island started in 2003 as a piece for Rolling Stone magazine.

In the summer of 1975, then sitting United States President Gerald Ford came to Traverse City, played a round of golf at the local country club and walked down Front Street as Grand Marshall of the Cherry Festival Parade.

I first met visual artist and retired art professor Melissa Jay Craig two years ago at Ragdale, an artists’ community. Melissa, 68, creates her own paper from sustainable plants, appreciating its tactile and malleable properties.

NORTHPORT — Edie Heerspink thinks the Grand Traverse Lighthouse is beautiful, no matter how Michigan dresses for the seasons.

Riding shotgun three years ago, Jeanne took aim and shot a bird’s-eye-view photo of two ships — one an 18th- century replica sailing vessel and the other a mammoth, modern day freighter — passing 200 feet beneath us in the Straits of Mackinac.

Road Trip is a monthly travel series by northern Michigan journalists Dave and Jeanne Barber. The series takes regional readers on easy, one-day road trips to visit Michigan museums, parks, nature sites, businesses and festivals, including many of the state's “hidden gems.”

Back in 1958 the United States Mint printed half-dollar coins with the face of Benjamin Franklin on one side and the Liberty Bell on the other. Unlike the amalgamated metal in the coins of today, the stuff of 1958 coins is solid silver.

‘6” — the sticky note countdown calendar a colleague stuck on my cabinet doesn’t lie. And yet the reality that in just six days I’ll be leaving the Record-Eagle, my second home for more than 22 years, hasn’t sunk in.

I have lived in Michigan for 17 years. And during that time, I have had numerous occasions to converse with other residents of this state, both native born and transplants. Those in the latter category, for the most part, moved here from other sections of the Midwest.

TRAVERSE CITY — A brewer is leading a financial class in the chapel of a church.

Everybody’s heard the report by now about the 80 animals that were evacuated from three shelters in Florida as Hurricane Dorian was bearing down.

With school cranking up again, I thought of this poem by Gregory Djanikian, his own story as a young immigrant singing quintessential American songs in his grade school choir. He knows nothing yet about this country, but he is wide open, taking in the songs and trying to attach them to his o…

TRAVERSE CITY — When tattoo artist Sabrina Wagner lost her friend to suicide, she wanted to help his family with funeral and other expenses.

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