Luddites, supposed followers of General Ned Ludd, a fabricated name for their movement, were skillful cloth manufacture artisans in England, who in the early 1800s resorted to violence against the newly developed mechanized looms that threatened their livelihood. The term has evolved to deno…

When we think of politicians, the typical descriptors are of the “one word” or “one issue” variety — Democrat, Republican, pro-this, pro-that, anti-another thing, Whig, Bull Moose, or whatever.

It was 2005. My daughter was nearing the end of high school and — I think it may have been her birthday present — I took her to get her bellybutton pierced.

Many people go through life expecting the worst. Alfred Alder, the 19th century Austrian psychotherapist, stated: “Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations.”

In my column two weeks ago, I compared the COVID vaccine rollout to a buffet and banquet setting. The guests, those expecting to be vaccinated, are in various places in an amalgam of having been served, in line to get served and waiting for their “table” to be called to become next in line.

Valentine’s Day, the ultimate heart-day. And how many times have we stuck the heart symbol into an email? It feels both meaningful and silly. The symbol expresses such a range of feelings. We use it to plug a hole, as Margaret Atwood says. The hole is what we don’t know how to say otherwise.…

Just after Christmas, a letter in The Traverse City Record-Eagle caught my attention. In a few paragraphs, a woman from Bellaire described bringing her husband to the emergency room at Traverse City’s Munson Hospital. Because of the hospital’s COVID-19 visitor policy, she had to leave him in…

Last March, my husband and I sat in a lounge at the Honolulu Airport, and wrote a list of cities.

GRAND RAPIDS— Through a tropical forest located just over a couple hours from Traverse City, a trio of giggling girls skipped joyfully across a cobblestone bridge.

Road Trip is a monthly travel series by northern Michigan journalists Dave and Jeanne Barber. The series takes regional readers on easy, one-day road trips to visit Michigan museums, parks, nature sites, businesses and festivals, including many of the state's “hidden gems.”

Perhaps you have just been witness to the most beautiful wedding. A young couple has expressed eternal love, forsaking all others, and promising eternal devotion to one another. Perhaps you had a cold drink and a small plate of cheese and crackers, listened to a musician play the happy hour,…

Sometime in the past, I imagine you stumbling across a “How to Apologize” article. In his book “On Apology,” Aaron Lazare writes that he analyzed the number of articles published each year and his data suggests that the interest in apologies is on the rise.

TRAVERSE CITY — The tall spires soaring above the Village at Grand Traverse Commons will long stand in tribute to Carol Hale, reminders of the key role she played in saving those buildings from the wrecking ball.

Every now and then I think about how I can do the extra-honest thing, feel a little underappreciated when nobody pats me on the back for it, then feel sheepish for even having that reaction.

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