Woman pleads guilty in false report case


TRAVERSE CITY — A Traverse City woman admitted to a judge that she falsely claimed a Grand Traverse County sheriff's deputy touched her sexually.

Olivia Jean Tubbs, 20, accepted a plea offer Tuesday that drops a false report of a felony charge, itself a felony. She pleaded guilty in 86th District Court to attempted false report of a felony, attempted resisting arrest and being a minor in possession of alcohol, all misdemeanors.

A police report states Tubbs had a heated exchange early Dec. 20 with a sheriff's deputy over an underage drinking ticket. She ended up in Grand Traverse County's jail, where she told authorities the deputy grabbed her sexually.

Eighty-sixth District Court Judge Michael Stepka asked Tubbs if she intentionally made a false report. She admitted she knew it to be untrue.

"I said it to a few different officers," she said.

Tubbs also admitted she resisted arrest by stepping forward toward an officer after being told to step back and taking herself out of handcuffs. She's scheduled to appear for a sentencing hearing on Feb. 11. 

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