TRAVERSE CITY — Erica Moon Mohr said she is willing to step down from the board of education if five of her fellow Traverse City Area Public Schools trustees follow suit.

Moon Mohr sent a letter Tuesday to TCAPS trustees Sue Kelly, Jeff Leonhardt, Matt Anderson, Pam Forton and Jane Klegman asking them to resign in the wake of the controversy surrounding the resignation of former district Superintendent Ann Cardon. She did not ask the same of newly installed board member Ben McGuire.

Moon Mohr believes TCAPS cannot “heal and move forward” if the six do not step aside.

“I want a clean slate,” Moon Mohr said. “I want people that are going to ask questions because they have the right to ask those questions. I want people with no agendas.”

Moon Mohr previously called for only Kelly and Klegman to resign in an Oct. 10 letter to the board and soon after asked for Leonhardt and Forton to step aside during a special meeting Oct. 11. Anderson stated before he will not resign, and both Kelly and Klegman said Tuesday night they don’t plan to either. Leonhardt and Forton did not return a call for comment.

“She’s been asking us that for weeks,” Kelly said. “You can’t turn a whole new board over to manage a $120 million budget with no background.”

Klegman said she will continue to do board business and that her only interests are what is best for the district.

“Erica can do whatever Erica wants. I don’t agree with her, but if she feels that the best thing to do is for her to step down, then that’s what she needs to do,” Klegman said.

Moon Mohr isn’t too confident that her plea to the other five will have any impact. She said she is largely ignored by the other board members, and she doesn’t expect this to be any different. She said no superintendent candidate is going to apply for the position without a full board turnover.

“I can always keep asking my questions and vote how I’m going to vote and continue down the path that I’ve been going down, but do I think that’s best for TCAPS? No, no I don’t,” she said. “Would I hope that they (Kelly, Leonhardt, Anderson, Forton and Klegman) look in the mirror after hundreds of people have reached out to them and said they need to resign? Yeah, I would hope so.”

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