Today, you will notice changes in the physical configuration of your and eEdition Record-Eagle.

The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday editions of the newspaper now will be printed in two sections rather than four. The news content will not change but is being packaged differently. This will provide more flexibility in the printing configuration and packaging of the newspaper and better color positioning for photographs and advertisements. The previous four-section papers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday did not allow the needed flexibility for design, color and press configuration.

Some section-front topics will move to different days and some information will be presented more frequently during the week. The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday papers will have a main news section and a sports/classified advertising section. Monday will have a community news focus, including features. Food will be the Thursday focus, Arts and Entertainment will continue to be the Friday focus and the Saturday focus will be faith and health.

We will continue to cover the news and information important to our readers. There is no other news source in northwest Lower Michigan that provides the quantity and quality of information provided by the Record-Eagle in its print and e-Edition products, coupled with our free web site.

-- By Record-Eagle Publisher

Michael C. Casuscelli

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