MANCELONA — A Mancelona man accused of running his vehicle over a 71-year-old woman and driving away will face a pair of felony counts, including second-degree murder.

Adam Calo, 35, will face charges of second-degree murder and operating under the influence causing death, according to an Antrim County Sheriff’s Department release.

The first count carries a possible sentence of life in prison, and the latter could net up to 15 years behind bars.

The woman police say Calo struck with his vehicle on June 22, Mancelona Township resident Janet Gothrup, clung to life at Munson Medical Center for weeks after the crash. She succumbed to her injuries in mid-July, Bean said.

She and her 63-year-old nephew were taking a walk along Satterly Road that morning — a daily jaunt near Gothrup’s home — around 8:30 a.m. Their peaceful routine was interrupted when Calo, his vehicle swerving over road lines, struck Gothrup from behind, according to Bean.

It’s a rural part of Mancelona Township, he added — not one you’d expect dangerous traffic.

“They were not in the road — they were on the shoulder,” Bean said previously. “They were walking like they were supposed to.”

Gothrup’s nephew was walking about 60 feet behind her and witnessed the incident. He called 911 and supplied investigators with a description of the vehicle, a black Chevy Trailblazer.

There might not be a case without him, Bean said.

“That was extremely valuable for us,” he said. “It also offered (information) on which way he headed.”

Calo was arrested hours later after nearly swerving into a deputy’s cruiser twice along C-42 Alba Highway. He was initially booked on suspicion of operating while intoxicated and unrelated warrants, but further investigations spurred a connection to the earlier crash. He faces several unrelated charges, Bean said.

Bean said the case progressed slowly as investigators waited for a potential recovery or death before recommending charges.

Lab results on a blood test of Calo also caused a delay.

Bean said an arraignment for Calo has yet to be scheduled in 86th District Court, but should come next week.

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