TRAVERSE CITY — An inmate at Grand Traverse County's jail claimed another inmate sexually assaulted him as he slept, authorities said.

Traverse City police officers soon will forward prosecutors a report about the Thursday incident, said Lt. Steve Drzewiecki. He said a 23-year-old inmate told authorities he awoke find to another man, 41, touching him in his genital area.

"The victim also said the suspect tried to climb into the bunk with him at that time," Drzewiecki said.

Drzewiecki said the sleeping inmate yelled at the suspect, who left the cell and ended the altercation.

Dispatch logs state the report was made at 2:04 a.m.

County corrections officers oversee the jail, but Traverse City police handle investigations about incidents behind bars. City police officers have recently handled probes in a rash of suicide attempts.

The suspect, when questioned, denied he intended to assault the sleeping inmate, Drzewiecki said. He said the suspect claimed he heard the man talking in his sleep, entered the cell and shook the man's leg. The two men were housed in the same unit.

The sleeping man asked police to pursue charges against the suspect, Drzewiecki said.

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