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TRAVERSE CITY — The first 10 months of 2020 brought continued upheaval and deepening division in the United States.

TRAVERSE CITY — The first six months of 2020 brought a surge of upheaval in the United States.

TRAVERSE CITY — James Howell is the oldest of four children. Born and raised in Flint.

TRAVERSE CITY — Charles Comber was inside his tattoo and piercing studio on June 15 when he heard the news: the U.S. Supreme Court ruled emplo…

TRAVERSE CITY — Megan Sanchez is a healthcare worker, so she doesn’t have much time to think about politics, she said.

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KINGSLEY — No doubt there are plenty of undecided voters out there. But there are certainly a litany of people who aren’t even sure if they wi…

TRAVERSE CITY — Susie Randazzo said it’s hard not to think about politics in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NORTHPORT — Mike Weber was just trying to scoop that last handful of leaves out of the gutter.

MANCELONA — The problem with politics today is it's full of special interest money, said Marsha Hanna of rural Mancelona.

TRAVERSE CITY — The Iowa caucuses — the official kickoff to the presidential election season — are just seven months away, and the Michigan pr…

KALKASKA — The country appears divided — be it politically, racially or otherwise — but the reality isn’t half as bad as it looks.

TRAVERSE CITY — Midterm elections have come and gone, taking with them failed ballot measures and a tidal wave of campaign battles that sowed …

TRAVERSE CITY — Young voters turned out in droves in November, and that's good news for Traverse City resident Kim Romberg.

TRAVERSE CITY — The Earth can’t survive if people keep up their constant state of war against nature, and the nation can’t survive if politica…

TRAVERSE CITY — The Constitution has to be followed, but even Supreme Court judges seem willing to discard it to make the changes they want.

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TRAVERSE CITY — Sixteen different presidents guided the country since John Trezise’s birth, but none have concerned him more than Donald Trump.

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Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of quarterly reports this year by CNHI newspapers on the concerns and mood of voters in the battl…

GLEN ARBOR — Sue Dutmers believes that more women should run for Congress — but only if they’re capable, not just because they’re women.

TRAVERSE CITY — The United States is a country built on freedom of speech, integrity, love, respect and truth, said Traverse City resident Mer…

TRAVERSE CITY — John Walton suspects the political gender gap continues to slowly shrink and recent movements could help.

LAKE ANN — Beth Noe of Lake Ann doesn’t watch the news anymore; it’s just too depressing, she said.

TRAVERSE CITY — Religion and patriotism are important values to some Americans, but it’s the values being ignored by President Donald Trump th…

BEULAH — Timothy Edgar, of Beulah, usually votes Republican and did so again in 2016, casting his vote for President Donald Trump.

BUCKLEY — Cody Loveland grew up a Democrat but quickly switched when he began his business.

TRAVERSE CITY — It does not take long to learn that 90-year-old Ellin Salon and her son Charles Lakritz aren’t fans of the commander in chief.

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TRAVERSE CITY — Cody Loveland joined thousands of Michigan voters who turned Michigan’s electoral votes red in 2016, giving a Republican presi…