Christopher Cox in 86th District Court.

Record-Eagle/Jan-Michael Stump

Christopher Cox, left, appears with Attorney Paul Jarboe Monday for a hearing in 86th District Court. A preliminary exam was scheduled, but both sides agreed to postpone the hearing until May 21.

TRAVERSE CITY — A defense attorney and prosecutor agreed to postpone, until the investigation can conclude, a preliminary exam Monday for a man accused of giving meth to and raping two men.

Christopher Cox, 41, appeared handcuffed and standing next to his attorney, Paul Jarboe, for the hearing in 86th District Court in Traverse City on Monday. Jarboe and Grand Traverse County’s chief assistant Prosecutor Kyle Attwood agreed to move the examination to May 21.

Jarboe and Attwood met with Judge Bob Cooney in his chambers ahead of the hearing before emerging and agreeing to postpone the court action.

“The investigation is ongoing, a lot of the lab work is outstanding,” Attwood said. “We would like to have that all on the table.”

Jarboe said some preliminary police reports came in, but he wants to review any lab reports, law enforcement interviews, photographs and inspections of his client's computers and phones before moving forward.

Two men claim Cox, Long Lake Church pastor, lured them separately to either his home or a Traverse City office. He offered them meth and raped them once they became drunk or inebriated, according to reports.

The delayed hearing will begin at 2 p.m.

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