MAYFIELD — Charges of aggravated domestic assault are being sought after authorities said a 22-year-old woman was hit, burned, bitten and pushed out of a truck at about 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

A warrant will be issued for the 25-year-old Grawn suspect, who is the woman’s boyfriend, said Capt. Randy Fewless, of the Grand Traverse County sheriff’s department.

The suspect is still at large, Fewless said.

The couple had been at the home of the boyfriend’s father when the boyfriend apparently found a dating app on the woman’s phone. The woman told police that her boyfriend became angry and belligerent, with the couple ending up in his truck, where a “rolling assault” took place, Fewless said. The woman reported the boyfriend hit her, pulled her hair and smashed her face into the dashboard, Fewless said.

The woman said he then pulled off the road, bit her arm and took her phone away before pushing her out of the vehicle, Fewless said. As she was attempting to stand up, the boyfriend hit her with the door of the vehicle before taking off, Fewless said.

The woman had two burn marks on her forearm that she reported were from the boyfriend’s cigarette, Fewless said.

She walked to the nearby Mayfield Country Store on Garfield Road, where employees reported the alleged assault.

The woman had injuries to both arms and an ankle, but refused medical treatment, Fewless said.

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