Jered Ottenwess

Jered Ottenwess

TRAVERSE CITY -- When police responded to a call at a Fifth Street home, they found a chaotic scene with a drunk, profane and verbally abusive Traverse City manager, Jered Ottenwess, 36, whose manner shifted from threatening to laughing to threatening within moments.

A police report details the Feb. 16 scene that Traverse City police saw at Ottenwess' house. He now faces two counts of domestic violence and two counts of attempted resisting and obstructing police.

Authorities arrived at Ottenwess' home and found him in a bedroom, where he sat up, clenched his fists, and swore at the deputy and flung his glasses to the floor. The responding officer, convinced there would be an altercation, prepared to use a Taser on Ottenwess, but another officer momentarily calmed him.

Ottenwess then ran around the house, laughed, and made an aggressive move toward emergency medical personnel who arrived on the scene, dashed outside and forced officers to tackle and handcuff him.

He threatened officers and repeatedly shouted obscenities at them.

Officers handcuffed Ottenwess and he was taken to Munson Medical Center, where he bit an officer's glove and had to be restrained.

He had a blood alcohol level of .395 and had been drinking all weekend.

Ottenwess' wife told authorities he started drinking heavily on weekends in April 2014. She said he starts drinking on Fridays, does not eat, but continues drinking until he passes out on Sunday.

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