TRAVERSE CITY — A five-year contract for the Maryland-based Sodexo company was approved Monday by the Northwestern Michigan College Board of Trustees.

Sodexo has managed NMC facilities for 14 years. The new contract runs from Jan. 1, until Dec. 31, 2024, with the dollar amount increasing each year from $454,825 in 2020 until it tops out at $492,317 in 2024.

NMC went out for bids on the facilities contract in July, with Sodexo submitting the lowest bid. WFF Facility Services in St. Louis bid a range of about $501,000 to $548,000 over five years, while Monarch Management in Traverse City bid $520,000 to $568,000.

The new contract is a decrease in cost from the current contract. Information on NMC’s website shows that in 2010 a five-year facilities management contract was approved with Sodexo in which it was paid $524,843 per year.

In 2016 the company was given a three-year contract extension and this year was paid $549,440.

“We have been able to streamline some admi- nistrative duties with enhanced technology,” said Vicki Cook, vice president of finance and administra- tion. “Work order submiss- ion and review is done electronically now. This allows for easy tracking of jobs and projects.”

Another area that has let NMC streamline work is a remote access system to lock and unlock buildings, Cook said.

For the last year Sodexo had four managers on site, but in prior years had only three, she said. The new contract will go back to the model of three site managers, which has reduced the amount of the contract, she said.

“I am confident that the new staffing levels ... will not have any affect on performance of contract obligations,” Cook said.

Sodexo Management Inc. also does food service for NMC, having entered into a five-year agreement that went into effect in July 2018. That company is paid $37,166 annually plus 2 percent of net sales.

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