— MANY PERSONS have noticed the gulls flying in a southwesterly direction from the Bay, leaving many people to wonder their destination. Inquiry lead to the disclosure that the birds were heading to the asylum slaughter house to feed on refuse which is thrown out to them. The slaughter house is about one mile from the Bay.

— E.A. NEWTON, the popular South Union Street grocery man, has added to his delivery equipment a grocery wagon that for attractiveness and utility certainly stands unique. This vehicle is a Traverse City carriage factory product artistically black in color and trimmed with yellow, which sets it off very nicely. It is a nice contrast compared to some of the wagons used in the city.

— BOARD AND order baking available at 312 W. Seventh Street by Mrs. Elsworth Hale.

— RUMORS ARE flying after a visit from Pere Marquette official to the city yesterday that a new passenger station is in the works. The officials didn’t waste time talking, but carefully looked over the station and grounds.

— ACCORDING TO the opinion of the Attorney General, the women who pay taxes in Traverse City can vote at the election on the bond issue.

— FISH BOXES marked “F” and a basket rack bearing the Name “Floss” were picked up this morning near a beach in Cleveland. This leaves little doubt that the fishing tug, Floss, with seven men foundered in Wednesday’s gale. The owners have no hope.

— A PERE Marquette caboose was destroyed by fire on the tracks beyond Sixteenth Street yesterday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. An attempt was made to dump the car into the lake, but the fire had made too much headway. The fire was discovered by a nearby neighbor, Mr. Ames. The fire department was not called as the outcome was obvious.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.