— IT IS probable that Commencement Exercises will run on a different plan for them than in past years. It has been the custom to have the exercises given in one evening, the class valedictorian, salutatorian, and class orator giving their parts---followed by an outside speaker and then diplomas passed out. It has been suggested that these activities be split into two nights. It is probable that there will be between 45 and 50 graduates this year.

— THE BOYS’ Athletic Club of the Friends Church gave a temperance play in the basement last evening. The boys wrote and produced the play. It was expected that there would be only a few present, but the basement of the church was crowded. The boys received much praise for the literary merit and the manner in which the piece was presented.

— THE LAW prohibiting one person to call for another’s mail will hereafter be enforced at the local post office. This was made necessary by complaints by many patrons who had to stand in line while a person ahead of them called for several parties’ mail. Many people stood in the Lobby and asked someone at the head of the line to get their mail, causing delays. Hereafter, a written note will have to be given to someone to pick up their mail.

— HENRY ROSS went to look at a horse belonging to a man named Parker at Turnbull’s Livery barn to purchase. He asked if the horse kicked and said he was told “No”. The horse then proceeded to kick Ross in the left leg, breaking both bones below the knee. He was taken to the Grand Traverse Hospital. The owner of the horse said he told Ross the horse DID kick. Either way, there is ample proof the horse does kick. It is not known if Ross purchased the horse or not.

— CONDUCTOR PECK of the G. R. & I., has a very stiff knee, the result of a fall last night. While waiting to bring his train in last evening, Mr. Peck stepped in a hole which had been made by section men at Walton for drainage purposes, and in the fall he twisted his knee. Although it is very difficult for him to get around, he hopes to be able to continue work and not lose any time.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.