• THERE IS a great deal of reckless automobile driving on the business streets of Traverse City that is not receiving proper attention by the police. There is scarcely a day, and very often in the evening, that the speed limit provided by the ordinance in Traverse City is not badly fractured. If the practice of fast driving on the streets is persisted in by some of the drivers, someone will get seriously hurt and funerals will follow.
  • LEONARD HUDSON and Nona King had a narrow escape from serious injury last night when a bolt connecting the thills with the axle of their buggy dropped out, frightening the horse, and causing him to run down the street at a mad pace. The accident happened in the front of The Record building at 6 p.m. The buggy swayed from side to side until the animal slipped and fell in front of the Little Tavern. The buggy whirled around and Miss King fainted. Bystanders brought her inside the Tavern. In about an hour the horse was attached to another rig and driven home, none the worse for its thrilling experience.
  • FOR SALE: 1910 Model F. Buick with full equipment: Magneto, speedometer, top with side curtains and dust hood, wind shield, extra tire, etc. Has only been run about 1600 miles and is in excellent condition. Price: $550. Contact The Record Office.
  • AN EIGHT tier car of poultry passed through this city this morning on its way to New York. The car was about half full and will be stopped at Kinsley to complete the load. The start was made at Suttons Bay.
  • TO OUR friends and patrons, please note that our store will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, October 4th and 5th on account of Hebrew Holidays. Store will open Wednesday evening at 6 o’clock. Steinberg Brothers.
  • I AM always in the market for potatoes in car lots, loaded or to be loaded. I have twenty potato sorters to be sold. I will have a car of potatoes to be shipped next month from Maine for seed, which include our best seller, Irish Cobbler, a good yield and our best seller. If you want to improve your potatoes, I can help you. G.W. Lardie, both phones.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin of the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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