• THE BODY of Frank Stoops, wanted for killing his wife in a presumably jealous rage, was found last night about one hundred yards from his home. The Coroner’s Inquest gave the verdict of suicide in his death, thus closing a sensational case.
  • THE LATEST mystery for the police to solve is what has become of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Goldman? Their restaurant at the corner of Park and Front Street has been closed and nothing has been seen of either one of them since Monday evening. The restaurant is in a state of disorder , from which it is evident that they had not intended to close the business, and letters were found under the door which were delivered there on September Thirtieth.
  • NEARLY EVERY woman uses a lemon in her toilet preparations. For removing stains or freckles, or bleaching a neck made yellow by high collars, there is nothing better. Only a very little lemon is needed at one time. To keep the lemon from drying up and becoming useless, place it under an ordinary glass tumbler on the toilet stand and it will not wither and dry out.
  • IT IS said there are 285 verses in the Old Testament and 240 verses in the New Testament relating to disease, sickness, their causes, treatment and prevention.
  • THE 1913 ANNOUNCEMENT for the new Ford is out, an the new model, coupled with a reduced price, should make it tremendously popular this coming season. The new design calls for a lower body and many other design improvements. Ford is expected to turn out 150,000 cars this year, an increase of 75,000 over last year, thus making a lower price possible. A shipment is expected at Grand Traverse Auto within a few days.
  • NEARLY ALL of the $2,700 worth of diamonds stolen from Mrs. J.G. Philpot of this city some time ago, were recovered from pawn shops in Toledo, Cincinnati, and Columbus. An arrest has been made.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin of the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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